Teaching and training for a dom

  • Are you interested in being a dom or master?
  • Are you a sub and you want your partner to become a (better) master/mistress? (as a sub you can't really guide your partner)
  • Are you struggling to be accepted by subs?
  • You want to improve your habits as a master?
  • You want to learn new techniques?
Sometimes it is not easy to be or become a master.
You feel you have it in you but you don't know how to act in a way that the other person accepts you as a real good dom?
As a submissive person it is difficult to guide a dominant partner. My support helps to overcome the this issue. 
I can help to improve your personality, your habit, your techniques or simply to find out what you really like.
I can't give you a partner but I can help you to attract subs.