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BDSM Coach and Trainer, Kink Trainer London

A space to talk and act freely.

Sexuality is considered a taboo topic, BDSM even more so. Even though fortunately more and more people are openly expressing their preferences, the majority of people are more likely to stay in the closet.


I would like to give people a space in which they can develop themselves further, learn new things, freely express their thoughts on BDSM and sexuality and deal with these in a constructive and impartial manner.

Here all thoughts, questions and techniques are explicitly encouraged. You are always welcome, regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation or relationship status.

Often the way to a fulfilled sex life, which corresponds to one's own wishes, is not far away. Usually, after just a few sessions with me, a positive change in one's own perception can be noticed. This can be the development of self-confidence, the discovery of one's own fantasies, dealing with a partner or the practical application of special techniques.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial consultation, please contact me via the contact me by contact form, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or Skype chat.

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