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About me


For me, consulting in the field of sexuality, BDSM and erotic orientation is the combination of a long career as a management consultant, and my wish to use my skills and experience not for a commercial enterprise and its profit, but for the private and personal development of other people.

I want to connect my areas of interest with relevant areas of life and thus support and encourage others who want the same.

Currently I am working towards my Master of Science degree in psychological counselling.

Why did I become a BDSM Coach?

I have worked for many years as a managing director of various companies, I was a trainer and examiner for various training occupations and, as already mentioned, worked as a management consultant for a long time.

Privately, I have been living BDSM for over 30 years and have been able to see and experience a lot. I had to deal with rejection and condemnation and have had both good and bad experiences.

15 years ago, I decided to concentrate on BDSM coaching and then systematically collected and refined my knowledge. Now I advise people worldwide and am happy to be able to combine my skills and qualities as a lecturer and trainer with my knowledge of and my inclinations towards BDSM in my profession.

I provide a confidential and professional environment in which we can communicate. 

As a neutral interlocutor to whom you can express your thoughts, without fear of judgment or exposure, I want to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe, both with me and yourself. You can freely express any thoughts, and this does not have to be limited to BDSM. Dreams, for example, are much less troubling when talked about. It's similar with sexual desires and fantasies

I can help you on a professional and confidential basis to integrate your sexuality into your life. Whether you want to get to know yourself better, try out new things with your partner or simply talk to someone about yourself and your wishes: My specialty is BDSM (in all situations of life). 

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