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BDSM & relationship

If both of you are already familiar with the topic and want to develop together or want to take the first steps together, I can be your point of contact so that you feel safe and in good hands.
  • How do we start BDSM in a relationship?
  • How do I/we deal with it if I have been approached about it and know nothing or little about it yet?
  • How do we get involved with such preferences?
  • How can we express our mutual desires, wishes and suggestions for improvement?
  • How can I/we learn more BDSM techniques?
  • Where can we find new ideas for our common BDSM life?
  • How can we integrate BDSM into our everyday lives?
  • Can BDSM and family reconcile?
  • Can I treat my partner as an equal if we have a strong sexual power gap?
Maintaining and developing a relationship is a challenge. I can support you in recognizing your sexual preferences, communicating with each other and improving your practice. Together we can develop individual solutions for the balance between BDSM and everyday life.
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