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From pro to pro

The more private and intimate the industry, the higher the quality standards.

If you're thinking of becoming a professional, I can help you weigh up the options and find the best (business) strategy.

If you want to become a professional yourself, you have to offer a perfect service right from the start and this is not possible without the associated 'corporate structures'.

I have a long experience as a management consultant with high standards of quality and service. The same standards that I apply to my advice are also a prerequisite for every other company in this area, especially where the services are even more intimate.

The "perfect service" starts with an understanding of the customer's wishes. Nothing should scare you as a professional here. Even if you do not want to offer certain services, you should understand them and know how to deal with them. Customers cannot always clearly articulate their wishes. Here it is helpful to meet people with empathy and understanding and to understand the connections between complex personalities.

"Perfect service" also means that the implementation of intimate contact is fulfilling for the customer. The various techniques often require a lot of practice and understanding to avoid injuries and to create a wonderful experience for the customer. Only a satisfied customer will recommend you and come back.

I can help you learn both the psychological and practical side of this profession in order to provide the perfect service.

But I can also help with the legal and bureaucratic hurdles of founding the company itself, the choice of space, interior design and clothing, as well as with advertising. 

A structured plan for your work is important. I can advise you on individual questions, issues and problems or accompany you step by step through the whole process, just as you need it.
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