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For beginners

  • Does BDSM make you curious, but you don't know if it's something for you?
  • Do you have fantasies, or have you discovered inclinations in yourself that were previously foreign to you and wonder how to deal with them?
  • Did you start with BDSM, but the scene scares you off?
  • Don't you know how to deal with the myriad of new information and the many opinions about BDSM?
  • Have you addressed your BDSM tendencies with friends or family and experienced negative reactions?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of being a kink person and wonder if it is right to explore this part further?
  • Have others told you „That’s BDSM", but that doesn't suit you and now you don't know what to do?
  • Do you have general questions about BDSM and its techniques to which you find no or too different answers?
  • You assume you are Sub or Dom, but do not know what to do with it?
I help to organize and explain thoughts, desires, fantasies and techniques in order to find and further develop your individual path in BDSM or to leave BDSM as a fantasy. 
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